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Viceroy Vintage Suede Jacket

Viceroy Vintage Suede Jacket

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The suede leather in this signature piece has undergone a refined over-dying process, ensuring a rich depth of color that is distinct to each jacket.

We've hand-burnished each piece to create the long-loved look of vintage heirlooms passed through generations.

Underneath its exterior, the jacket is fully lined with high-pile, thermal-insulating 200-weight fleece, designed to trap bodily heat and provide an exceptional level of warmth.






  • Over-dyed suede outer shell burnished by hand for a long-loved look

  • Fully lined with high-pile, thermal-insulating 200-weight fleece that helps trap heat

  • Vintage-inspired design with oversized patch pockets

  • Seamless stitching ensures comfortable all-day wear

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