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Remy-Doîr Washstone™ Polo Sweater

Remy-Doîr Washstone™ Polo Sweater

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Washstone™ Cotton — Where Toughness Meets Silk

Moving beyond the limitations of regular cotton, our proprietary Washstone™ coating process purifies the fibers to bring forth a sweater that’s as smooth to the touch as aged bourbon to the palate.

We've personally crafted this investment piece to become a timeless addition to your wardrobe, meant to be cherished for generations to come.





  • Treated with cutting-edge Washstone™ coating process to achieve a rich, worn-in effect

  • Crafted from our proprietary anti-pilling cotton blend that resists wear and tear

  • Durable seam stitching prevents unraveling and fraying

  • Care: We recommend gentle hand washing or professional dry cleaning to ensure that the garment maintains its softness and lustrous finish


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